Weekly Update

Holy Trinity Catholic School -- September 7th, 2023

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Heavenly Father, we thank you for the gift of your Son, our Lord Jesus Christ,
who promised to stay with us always, until the end of the age.

Reawaken our wonder at His presence in the Most Holy Eucharist.
May our hearts burn within us as He opens the Scriptures and breaks the bread.

Give us the eyes of faith to recognize His presence in our brothers and sisters,
especially in the face of the poor and the suffering.

Nourished by the Eucharist, send us forth to walk faithfully as missionary disciples,
proclaiming the Gospel to every heart and extending Your kingdom to every land.

We ask this through Christ our Lord.


A Note from Mrs. Longden

It was so nice to see the kids back in school and such a flurry of activities in the hallways and classrooms once again. Everyone jumped back in with lots of smiles and lots of enthusiasm. School spirit is energizing for everyone.

The one thing that we pray for every day at our school is that God’s Spirit is among us and guides our path. We work hard at our school, and we also pray hard. God guides us and brings us great staff, great families, and great energy each year. This year is not an exception. God is with us, and His Spirit leads our way.


Mrs. Longden


Father Patrick has picked a theme for this year for our school.


The vision is to inspire a movement of Catholics across the United States who are healed, converted, formed, and unified by an encounter with Jesus in the Eucharist - and who are then sent out on mission "for the life of the world".

We are in the year of Eucharistic Revival—this means we are being called to revive our faith in Jesus in the Eucharist. The word revive means “to restore to life or consciousness.” If we have let our love, our trust and hope in Jesus grow cold, or worse yet, lukewarm, He is now calling us to run back to Him with everything we have. He wants our mistakes, our doubts, our fears and shortcomings. If we don’t give them to Him, how can He make something even greater out of those things, out of us and our lives? How can we become saints if we don’t fully trust in the One we are hoping to spend eternity with?

Let’s ask a simpler question—do we have a relationship with Him? Yes! Because each person has a relationship with God, our Creator, whether they participate in it or not. And of course God allows you to enter into that freely, because He doesn’t want to force anyone to love Him—He is too much of a gentleman for that. But what does your relationship with Him look like?

Virtue - Trustworthiness

Saint: Bl. Anne Marie Javouhey

Aspiration: Come Holy Spirit, increase in me the Gift of Piety

Meaning: Acting in a way that inspires confidence and trust; being reliable

Prayer: Dear Jesus, Help me to be faithful in even the little things of each day. In Your eyes nothing is little when done with great love!

Scripture: Matthew 24:45-47

Opposing Trait: Being devious or deceptive

Ways to Cultivate: Perform actions that restore and maintain trust; act with fidelity in small matters.

Looks Like/Sounds Like: Tell the truth. "I will take the money to the office." Do the right thing even when no one is watching. Be faithful in small matters.


Arrival: The front doors of school will be closed and locked starting at 7:30 A.M. If you arrive after 7:30 you need to come in with your child and sign them in. Your child will be marked tardy.

Dress Code: Students have been doing a great job with our new formal dress code. Just a reminder that on Monday's it is Spirit Wear and Jeans day. If you do not wear a spirit wear top, you should come in our regular dress code. Tuesday-Friday are solid color polos and gray, khaki, navy, or black bottoms. If your child is out of dress code you will be notified and given ways to correct it.

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3K-5K Round-Up

Friday, September 15th

Time: 5:30 PM - 6:30 PM

Place: Outside (weather dependent) otherwise in the Gym

Food will be provided.

Theme: Sports Theme (wear your favorite sports team attire if you would like!)

The 3K/4K/5K Round-Up provides families and kids the opportunity to get to know each other and form lasting friendships.

School Information Meeting

Please mark your calendars!

Tuesday, September 26th, 2023

You and your family are welcome to attend Mass at 5:00.

After the 5:00 Mass we will have the school open to visit classrooms and talk with teachers about grading, curriculum, classroom routines, activities, etc. This is also a great time to ask questions.

6:00 Meeting in the Gym. Items to be discussed include School Advisory Commission, Home and School Association, SCRIP, Tuition/Finance, Accreditation Visit.

When you come to the meeting, please come and sign in at the table and receive an out of dress code coupon for your children.

Long-Term Substitute

We are looking for a long-term substitute in our 5 year old kindergarten classroom. Mrs. Simon will be having her baby and we are in need of a substitute beginning sometime in November and going until sometime in January.

If you are interested, or know of someone that might be interested, please reach out to Mrs. Longden at principal@htschool.net.

Thank you!

Picture Retake Day

Picture Retake Day will be on Tuesday, October 17th.

If you would like your child's picture retaken, please contact the school office.

Thank you.

Art Teacher

We are excited to share that we have an Art Teacher for part of the year. Mrs. Leicht has joined us as our Art Teacher. She will be moving to Arizona, but is here to help us in the meantime. We are grateful for her time!
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Upcoming Dates

Friday, September 8th - Mass

Wednesday, September 13th - Mass (Grades 1-4)

Friday, September 15th - Mass

Friday, September 15th - Kindergarten Round-Up

Wednesday, September 20th - Mass (Grades 5-8)

Friday, September 22nd - Baptism Mass (August/September Baptisms)

Tuesday, September 26th - School Informational Meeting

Wednesday, September 27th - Mass (Grades 1-4)

Friday, September 29th - Mass

Tuesday and Wednesday, October 3rd and 4th - Accreditation Visit

Wednesday, October 4th - Mass

Thursday, October 5th - Mass

Friday, October 6th - No School

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Calendar of Cash

September 1 - Grant Boley

September 5 - Betsy Simon

September 6 - Adalyn Dwyer


Altar and Server Guild Meetings

Please see the attached with information regarding Altar and Server Guild trainings and opportunities

Kewaskum and West Bend Catholic Mom's Group

Holy Trinity Families Facebook Group

New families, if you have not already done so, please join the Holy Trinity Families Facebook Group.

See the guidelines attached.

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KEYS Run/Walk

We can't wait to witness the power of our community coming together on Sunday, October 8th, for the 30th annual KEYS scholarship run/walk. As we lace up our sneakers and hit the pavement, we're not only making strides towards a healthier lifestyle but also towards a brighter future for aspiring students.

With a legacy of over $3 million in academic scholarships awarded, KEYS, Inc. has transformed lives and paved the way for countless individuals to pursue their educational dreams. This year's event holds special significance as we celebrate three decades of unwavering dedication to education and empowerment.

Whether you're a preK-8 student eyeing the chance to win a local business gift card or a KHS student vying for a chance to win a $500 scholarship, these race registration incentives are just the cherry on top of a rewarding experience.

Join us at Keys-Scholarships.org or scan the QR code to register and secure your spot. Let's make this year's event the biggest yet, honoring our past achievements while building an even brighter future. As the countdown begins, we look forward to seeing you at the starting line on October 8th, united in our commitment to education and community. Together, we can continue to make a lasting impact for generations to come.


Our Mission is to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ, to provide a high-quality education, and to guide children in living the Catholic faith.