Bring Your Own Device to School


Students are able to bring their own devices to the classroom!

Students now have the ability to pursue lines of inquiry and interest in academic disciplines and beyond using personalized devices that they are familiar with in the classrooms. Students are able to collaborate with teachers and peers and to express themselves and their ideas. BYOD provides the students with opportunities to connect on a global and local level with learning communities as they pursue real-world issues and topics individually and collaboratively. BYOD provides students with a platform and forum to express their ideas and opinions in a safe environment as they cultivate and attain high standards of digital citizenship.

Digital Citizenship

Promoting Digital Citizenship in the classroom.

Digital citizenship is the appropriate and responsible behaviour with regard to technology use. Digital citizenship should be taught and practiced in every course, throughout the school and at home. It is an ongoing partnership between teachers, students and parents. Just as teachers build an awareness of the importance of digital citizenship at school, parents build and reinforce these concepts with their children at home. Students need to approach any use of technology with the digital citizenship components in mind. Electronic devices are permitted in instructional areas with the instructor’s permission and inappropriate use may result in a loss of privileges.

(from Education Alberta; Bring Your Own Device to School)

Annapolis Valley Regional School Board

Board Policy – BP 101.4

AVRSB policy outlining the use of personal digital devices in the classroom.