"Aware Volunteering"

Murcia, Spain - Duration: 11 months

A long-term EVS project to be held from the 9th Sept 2019 until the 9th of August 2020 (11 months).

The hosting organization: EUROACCION

EUROACCION is an independent non-governmental organization, which supports adult education and the professional and personal development of persons with fewer opportunities. Founded in 2002, its main goal is to promote social change and the personal development through the use of methodologies coming from the Non Formal Education frame, promoting the development in each person of his/her maximum potential.

Euroaccion is an active member of the network UNIQUE (http://www.unique-network.org/) and the network HREYN (www.hreyn.org). Our vision is to promote personal and individual change as a way to social change.

Our mission is to inspire and encourage the development of human potential through experiential learning, voluntary services and projects focused on social inclusion.

Our fields of interest are social inclusion and helping relationship, the development of learning methodologies, national and international volunteering programmes and European projects implementation and management.

EUROACCION implements trainings and projects on capacity building, social inclusion and human rights education; conferences, seminars and courses, both national and international, focused on human rights protection, especially regarding minorities; support activities for youth with fewer opportunities; selection of European volunteers (EVS); improvement of the social education management; social work and advanced training for youth workers.

More than 30 volunteers cooperate with EUROACCION on a local level. The organization has also numerous partners all over Spain, as well as in more the 20 countries within EU, Asia and Latin America.

EUROACCION implements around 8-9 European projects per year, mainly regarding trainings and advanced education on personal development and social inclusion for people with fewer opportunities. All the courses are run with a methodology connected to the humanistic approach and Gestalt therapy.

The project

DATES: From 09/09/2019 to 09/08/2020

The volunteering project framework is characterized by a focus on social inclusion of youth with fewer opportunities in the Murcia region through non-formal education activities among at promoting a personal development. The project will also provide a unique learning experience thanks to the fact that many of the proposed activities will be training courses and workshops in which the volunteer can grow not only professionally but also personally.

The activities in which the volunteer will take part in our organization will be the followings:

- International level: logistic support in the trainings run by EUROACCION on Personal Development, Human Rights Education, Intercultural Learning, Learning to Learn, Coaching, Personal and Professional Supervision and Social Inclusion of people at risk of social exclusion.

- National level:

1. Participation in local workshop on: free time activities with children and youngsters at risk of social exclusion; social inclusion promotion with young people with judicial measures; workshops on Intercultural Learning with children and young people; workshop and other activities on Social Theatre.

2. Cooperation and logistic support in the projects on youth and social inclusion promoted by Euroaccion in Murcia.

3. Support in the back office work (updating the website and the ESC blog, administrative tasks related to the internal work of our organization).

4. Spanish classes for European volunteers.

5. Linguistic exchange Spanish/English with others European volunteers and citizens of Murcia.

6. Participation in workshops and presentations of the European Solidarity Corps + program: in youth organizations, Institutos de Educación Secundaria of the city of Murcia and the Universidad de Murcia.

In terms of learning opportunities we offer the volunteer:

• Knowledge: learn about the concept of social exclusion, get to know new working methodologies within the frame of Non Formal Education, systematize his/her learning, reflect upon and get to know new economical, social, political and cultural realities (of the Murcia region), work within an inter/multicultural approach and learn a new language.

• Attitudes: development of his/her tolerance, empathy, assertiveness, and positive attitude in facing conflicts.

• Competences: managing Non Formal Education activities, workshop facilitation, linguistic skill (Spanish), digital competences and ability in preventing conflicts and conflict resolution.

Volunteer's profile

The volunteer will be selected taking in account more the attitude and willingness in getting involved in the project than his/her knowledge and competences.

We will positively evaluate the volunteers who will express a genuine motivation in our project, as well as a strong commitment to the values behind it.

We will also valorise the candidates who will show sense of responsibility as EUROACCION works with young people and groups with a strong educative and socio-affective needs.

We will positively consider - without being reason of exclusion though- the ability of the volunteer to adapt to new cultures and traditions, as her/his working environment will be a multicultural one.

We consider important that the volunteers possess spirit of initiative, patience, and the ability to step back in interpersonal conflicts in order to face them more effectively, as well as to be interested in the social focus of our project.

Other aspects that will be taken into account are the candidates’ maturity, ability to take decisions, enthusiasm and willingness to take part in the different activities offered, and the level of commitment to the project framework.

The selecting process will be done evaluating motivations and interests of each volunteer, as well as an open-minded and intercultural attitude and the commitment to our volunteering project objectives. In any case we will never consider discriminatory factors as ethnicity, sex and gender identity, political beliefs, age, etc.

We will personally take care of the selection process with the support of distinct sending organizations interested in our project. No young person willing to participate in our project will be ever excluded for whatever reason (economical difficulties; social or geographical obstacles; cultural or ideological differences; sexual orientation, age, ethnicity, sex and gender identity, etc.).


The volunteers participating in our project will live together with other European volunteers in an apartment situated in city centre and rented by the coordinating organization Euroaccion. Each volunteer will have his/her own room to guarantee privacy and good living conditions. Each month the coordinating organization Euroaccion will transfer to the volunteer’s Spanish bank account (opened at the arrival in Spain with the support of the coordinating organization) the amount of money correspondent to the pocket money and the food money. This money will be managed by the volunteer freely and independently.

The coordinating organization will pay monthly the rent of the apartment and the bills, in order to make volunteers free from these tasks. The apartment will be located around 10 minutes from our Organization by walking.

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ESC - European Solidarity Corps

As a volunteer the European Solidarity Corps allows you to learn through non-formal experiences, improve existing or acquire new skills for your personal, educational or professional development.

The voluntary service covers:

  • Your travel expenses from where you live to Murcia and back (return ticket);
  • All fees for visa and residence permission;
  • Comprehensive insurance (health, accident and liability insurance);
  • Free accommodation: a single room in a shared apartment;
  • Pocket money in the amount of 150 euros per month;
  • Food allowance 150 euros per month;
  • Participation in on-arrival training and mid-term evaluation meeting.
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The project is financed by the European Commission