Edward James Almos

by nate bounds


actor, producer, director



February 24, 1947 in California in America


where he is now

early life

in the beginning he dreamt of being a professional baseball player but then he later became a performer and he became a lead singer then after a while he decided to try acting usually playing as the bad guy.


acting life

he got his big act in zoot suit and after that his career grew sedately and then he started directing in 1992 and is still acting and directing.


actividst life

most of his personal life he is an activist marred in 1971 had kids and divorced in 1992 marred his second wife. http://www.biography.com/people/edward-james-olmos-189135

fun facts

his father was a Mexican immigrant and his mother was a Mexican American

in 1998 he won a academy award for best actor