The Hawaiian Lava Outrage!

By: Bella DeMonica

There has been a big lava outrage on the Big Island, Hawaii.The village of Pahoa is in the lavas path.It all started when the volcano Kilauea erupted June 2014.Th volcano Kilauea is located on the Big Island, Hawaii.

The people of the village Pahoa think that the Hawaiian lava goddess of lava Pele wanted to visit her sister Namakaokahai goddess of water and the sea.The lava has been a problem since August 2014 3 months after Kilauea erupted.

Now some interesting facts about the lava flow . First lava can travel by foot or by ear.Second the residents have to pack up their stuff with in 3 days.The police are letting the people watch their houses burn down.The people of Pahoa say that. “Its like watching your memories just burn to ashes”. Also Paul Utes former resident says “Its like slow torture speeds up - slows down speeds up -slows down”.