VCR Presentation 7

Ethan Shoemaker

Fill In The Blank With The Appropriate Word From Lesson 7

A rogue wolf in a pack can be described as an ____________ if they attack the weaknesses of the others to prove their superiority.
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The Word

opportunist (n.)

-A person (or animal) taking advantage of any chance to achieve an end in a forceful or self-serving way.



portus- "harbor," "gate"











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Prosecutors are often described as being opportunists since they take the moral wrongdoings of a criminal and used them to gain an advantage in the case at hand and for future payment.

Origin of the Word

-This word derived for a word commonly used in Italian politics and was then adopted into French and later translated to English.

-First known use: 1881

Choose The Letter Of The Sentence In Which The Word In Bold-Faced Type Is Used Incorrectly

A. As the class raised their hands during the review game to give them bonus points for the geology test, Jimmy was an opportunist who sat in the back and choose not to participate.

B. Former NASCAR driver Jeff Gordon was a noted opportunist for his ability to capitalize on a higher position in the race when the other drivers committed wrongdoings.

C. On Black Friday, Chet became an opportunist when he arrived at the Night Owl Sale at Belk's knowing there would hardly be anyone left in the store to hinder his purchasing power.

D. When the other runner stopped to tie his shoe, Jeremy suddenly became an opportunist and raced past to take over first place.

The correct answer is letter A because Jimmy cannot be an opportunist when he lets opportunities to improve his grade on the test slip away.