Born 2 B Wild

By: Josh Henriksen

Real Life Stories

A owner had over 50 exotic animals including lions, cheetahs, bears, wolves, and more on day all of the cages opened and all 50 of them got and one died and the other one committed suicide and the cops had to kill all the animals. Schyan had a pet Prairie dog and the prairie dog got bit by a Gambian rat and it bit Schyan's finger and the prairie dog shortly after it bit Schyan and is contagious. A chimpanzee got loose at a house and the mother was trying to get it back in its kennel and it attacked the grandma and the mom and severe injury and the cops had to kill the Chimpanzee.

Exotic Pet Laws and whats illegal

If you get exotic pets you have to sign a referendum to say if they get loose or kill somebody you have to go somewhere. Must always keep them in a caged area made for what they do and people come to check the cages to see if they are safe for us and safe for the animals.

Dangers for exotic pets

1. They can get sick and your local pet hospital can’t fix it and it could die if its like a tiger or something.

2. Being trapped in cages and not getting fed.

3. Need special food like steak which is lots of money and having lots of them is time.

whats illegal and what's legal

1. No one can sell them by themselves

2. Half to sign a permit about having exotic animals.


1. U need a cage for every one and it must be secured for what it does.

2. Always requires a owner that has a permit.

Dangers for the people that own the exotic pet

1. If its a tiger or any carnivore gets loose it could kill you or hurt you really bad.

2. They can give us bad infections like rabies, and ringworm.

3. they are always unpredictable.

effects on the environment

1. It will take away how many there are in the wild

2. It won’t help because if u keep an exotic animal you can ruin its life.

3. And public safety would have to increase

what do the experts say

1. Every owner must have a responsibility of what it needs.

2. have to have a secure cage for the animal.

3. They are safer at a zoo.