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January 2020

The month of December was filled with historic milestones for Fountain Inn High School. This month the process of researching and collecting data to develop the school mascot and colors concluded with the FIHS Mascot Reveal on December 19. The reveal was held at the Younts' Performing Arts Center in Fountain Inn. The Performing Arts Center building was the original site of Fountain Inn High School.

Thank you to the City of Fountain Inn, the Younts' Performing Arts Center, and Greenville County Schools for making this event so special for our school community.

We are the Fountain Inn Fury! Our official colors are Navy, Maroon, and Gray. Please read on in this newsletter to learn the history behind our school mascot and colors.

Let's make 2020 the best year yet. We are The us RISE!

Committed to the success of all children, I remain.

Maureen S. Tiller


Fountain Inn High School

Fountain High School Mascot Reveal

Mayor GP McCleer's Official Proclamation

Office of the Mayor

Fountain Inn, South Carolina


December 19, 2019

WHEREAS, Greenville County Schools and the city of Fountain Inn are committed to the superior education of our students, ensuring that they are college and career ready, and have the certifications, diplomas and professional skills needed to be successful in their next phase of life

WHEREAS, The new Fountain Inn High School which will open in August of 2021, serving one thousand students and housing a center for Automation and Engineering

WHEREAS, our new high school will be a centerpiece for our community and bring football games, homecoming parades, concerts and activities to students and families

WHEREAS, Fountain Inn High School will represent our city with its colors and mascot and will honor the history of the two high schools that preceded it, a high school for white students whose colors were blue and white and a high school for African American students whose colors were maroon and gold

WHEREAS, future students of Fountain Inn High researched both schools and their mascots, the Blue Devils for one, the Hurricanes at the other and conducted an input and voting process among their peers and our community to determine the best mascot to represent our new school

WHEREAS, the mascot with the highest number of votes was the Fountain Inn FURY and will be represented by the image of the Phoenix to symbolize the transformation and rebirth of a new Fountain Inn High

WHEREAS, the colors chosen to represent this high school will be navy, maroon, and gray. Navy and maroon to honor both historic Fountain Inn high schools and gray to represent and welcome future students with no historic ties to our community.

NOW, THEREFORE, I George Patrick McLeer, Mayor of the City of Fountain Inn, along with the citizens of Fountain Inn, do celebrate the adoption of the “Fountain Inn Fury” mascot and Navy, Maroon and Gray as the school’s colors.

Historic Items from Each High School

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