Ask the Passengers

A. S. King


Ask the Passengers is about a girl named Astrid Jones who is an outcast in her town. When she was younger, her family moved from New York to a small town and she has never adjusted to small town life. Astrid's mother loves her sister more, and her dad pays attention to no one. Astrid is unsure of her life so she will send love to planes. Magically, people hear in the plane. No one will judge her there. Astrid is dating a girl named Dee. She is unsure if she even wants to date her. When Astrid opens up to her friends, she realizes things she doesn't know about her friends. When her small town finds out, everyone seems against Astrid. Astrid realizes that who you like doesn't define her.

"Every Airplane, no matter how far it is up there, I send love to it. I picture the people in their seats . . . and I love them. I really love them. I send a steady, visible stream of it--love--from me to them. . . It's a game a play. It's a good game because I can't loose" (King 1).

Quote from above

This quote is an example of symbolism. This "game" she plays is a symbol of how she insecure she is about her own life. She decides that she cannot love anyone at her home so she has to send her love up. She will spend hours on end sending love to these airplanes because it makes her feel safe, unlike her home where she is insecure. This game is a symbol of her insecurity because it is a distraction from her usual life.


The "story does have a positive message about self discovery, unconditional love and support, and not allowing close-mindedness to dictate who you are."

~Common Sense Media


This book starts off kind of slow but picks up as it goes on. This novel has the true meaning of equality stated in the novel and shows people that if you like boys or girls does not define who you are. The novel will open eyes to all that read it .
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Astrid feeling bad about her life.