ANTi Slip Tires

By: Julie Storch

Driving in a Winter Wonderland

Remember the wintery blast that had most of Kentucky in a state of emergency last winter? Remember how many people were cooped up in their homes because their tires could not handle the weather and it took several days for the roads to be plowed?

This year, get yourself tires that allow you to get out of the house and drive in those conditions. ANTi Slip Tires provide optimal diving performance on ice and snow. Engineers worked to create a chemical compound within the tread rubber that mimics the hairs and suction cups found on the feet of ants and other insects. Those hairs and suction cups allow the ants to walk and climb across any smooth surface. Engineers also constructed the specially designed tires with a tread pattern penetrating through the rubber that allows better grip and control when driving in the winter conditions, without worrying that the hairs and cups will become worn or fall off. ANTi Slip Tires look like your average tire but when road conditions become slushy, the tires activate the ant-like "hairs" that will enhance your car's traction to prevent hydroplaning or sliding, as well as, provides more control of the car when accelerating, stopping and turning on ice.

ANTi Slip Tires has a variety of designs and sizes to help more than cars drive on snow or ice. People in wheel chairs will be able to safely travel on sidewalks and pathways with these tires. In addition, companies that operate machinery on hills or steep declines can use ANTi Slip Tires to improve traction and control. This is for safety in any weather since winter weather permits anyone from cutting the grass or other lawn care.

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ANTi Slip Tires- Final Product

The final product! ANTi Slip Tires have successfully created a tire that allows driving, rain or shine. These tires have larger suction cups with the hair like features on the outer sides of the tire to help improve control, acceleration and stopping; while the little suction cups and hairs on the middle section are added support and improve traction. People can now travel safely and efficiently, thanks to the engineers and inspiration from ants who made our ideas come to life!

"A Sticky Situation"

Did you know ants have claws or suction cups? Ants physical characteristics are more complex than what the naked eye can see. According to researchers at University of Massachusetts' Biologist, Elizabeth Brainerd, the suction cups are located on the claws and are what enables ants to crawl up vertical walls or manage to critter across the ceiling without falling off. After extensive studying and observation, Brainerd concluded, "If the claws are unable to catch onto the surface, they retract and the footpad comes into action. The footpad quickly unfolds and inflates with blood, protruding between the claws and enabling the adhesive pad to stick to the surface". Ants move quickly for their size, how can that be possible? The footpads, also known as arolium, then deflate and the process continues with every step and takes less than hundredths of a second. That is faster than the blink of an eye. Ants also leave a fluid that helps keep itself enacted with the smooth surface. Brainerd compared it to a wet piece of paper stuck to a window. Other researchers have discovered that "the claw-flexor tendon not only retracts the claws on a smooth surface, but is responsible for moving the footpad into place. The system, a combination of mechanics and hydraulics, has intrigued robotics engineers who design tiny robotic devices used in the medical field" (Brainerd, 2001).

Elizabeth Brainerd. "A Sticky Situation For Ants And Bees: UMass Biologist Looks At How These Insects Adhere To Various Surfaces." ScienceDaily. ScienceDaily, 28 September 2001. <>.

ANTi Slip Tires Inspired By Ants

How can we be so intelligent and have endless capabilities, yet closed-minded? Ants are little tiny creatures and have so much to offer. Aside from being social, if humans could create and utilize the claw-hair-suction features found on ant legs, people would be capable of so much more, rain or shine. For instance, if road conditions are bad and need plowing or salt trucks, then why should the workers who operate those types of machinery be required to risk their life traveling to work to get the machinery? Road companies that hire individuals to clear roads should buy ANTi Slip Tires for their machinery and workers cars. ANTi Slip Tires will keep them safe and prepared when called-in. Another situation that people would benefit are those who are in wheel chairs. When road conditions are unsafe to travel, then often times the sidewalks and pathways are too. If people in wheel chairs had ANTi Slip Tires, they would be capable to maneuver in any condition. ANTi Slip Tires has created tires in all sizes to benefit and ensure safety for several different types of transportation and machinery that uses wheels. Thus, farmers or lawn care companies could use ANTi Slip Tires to help improve traction and control when mowing hilly land or yards with steep declines. ANTi Slip Tires are not only for icy conditions, but to reduce the fear and worry of losing control of machinery. Lawn companies and farmers would be able to do their job more efficiently with the help of ANTi Slip Tires.