By Marta González-Román Jurado


Sydney is in the southeast of Australia in Oceanía. It is a big city, the biggest is Australia and also the most populated with approximalety 4.627.345 inhabitants.

Weather & Climate

The climate in Sydney is humif sub-tropical. In winter it is cold and in summer it is mild. Precipitations are scarse. January is the hottest month and july is the coldest one.


Sydney is an old city, the oldest in Australia. It was found in 1977 by Arthur Phillip. It has lots of monuments to see. Sydney is famous for the Sydney Opera House. It is also famous for the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Leisure & Entertainment

There are lots of things to do in Sydney. You can go to the famous beaches of Sydney like Bondi and Manly or you can also sightseeing.


The main industries are tourism, manufacturing and health.

Personal Opinion & Recommendation

I think Sydney is a fantastic place because it have a good climate and you can do many things there. Come and enjoy it!
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