Saving Secrets

Bullying Prevention Club

Help create a more safe and supportive school environment

We invite you to become an active partner in helping create a more safe and supportive school environment. We're a group of students who gather to talk confidentially about issues we face daily. Come join us!

Your Secrets are Safe with Us!

Every Tuesday and Friday morning

We meet at 7:30 a.m. in Mrs. Thurman's room #104 at the high school. See Mrs. Thurman or Monica Brumnett for details.

We pledge to help prevent bullying at Wagoner High School!

Comments from Students ...

"I know what it feels like to get bullied. I've been in situations where no one has listened or cared. I know what it's like to be hurt." -- WHS Junior

"This group helps me with my emotions and gets things off my chest." -- WHS Sophomore

"I've always wanted to be in a group that understands me for me." -- WHS Senior

"I believe I can help people. Most kids don't want to talk with a counselor or teacher because of trust issues. They open up to fellow students. I believe I could make a difference in someone's life." -- WHS Junior

To receive meeting and activity reminders and updates, text "@savesecret" to 252.507.4798.

we want to help you!

These are some items from our Pledge ...

As part of my community and my school, I PLEDGE to the following:

I will not bully anyone (any form of intimidation, abuse, unwanted physical contact; anything conveying hatred, contempt, or prejudice; acts or comments that are insulting, humiliating, demeaning or stigmatizing; any other act, verbal, physical or otherwise; any form of harassment).

I will not let my words or actions hurt others.

I will eliminate profanity toward others from my language.

I will set the example of a caring individual.

I will help anyone who is bullied and encourage others to do the same.

I will include anyone who is left out.

I will tell an adult when I see anyone being bullied.

I will save the secrets shared with me by being a trustworthy club member.

I will do my part to make my community and my school a safe place by doing whatever I can to end bullying against any person in any form. If others will not become a part of the solution, I WILL.

I understand that failure to abide by the above pledged items could result in my removal from Saving Secrets.

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