Wells Middle School -- May 2021 -- Catoosa, Oklahoma

Passing grades can make principal's hair disappear

by Natalie Fitzgerald

Wells Middle School will have a fun reward if most students are passing. The rewards are not something like going outside; it is more like getting to laugh at your principal.

The rewards are, if 80 percent of students pass all classes in the second semester, Wells Principal Mark McVay is going to get a pie in the face. If 90 percent of students pass all classes, Mr. McVay will shave his beard live on Zoom. And if 100 percent of students pass all their classes, Mr. McVay's wife will shave his head.

“I am trying to find fun ways to motivate students to get their grades up, and to have a fun way to end the year,” Mr. McVay said.

Wells students can get these rewards by getting their grades up and passing all their classes. If you have some zeros, you can work on the zeroes or ask your teachers for extra credit work.

Mr. McVay said, “I talked with the teachers to find fun ways to motivate students to get their grades up and do their work.”

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If all Wells students pass all their classes this semester, the student body in effect will turn Wells Principal Mark McVay into the reverse of the classic "Wooly Willy" toy -- removing the hair and beard instead of creating them.

Videos NEEDED for digital talent show: Last chance THIS WEEK

by Rachel Gonzalez

Many students may not know that talent shows have been a tradition at Wells Middle School, but because of COVID, the school hasn't been able to have one since 2019. To have a show this year, students will need to create and submit videos of their talent to their advocacy teachers this week.

The due date for talent show videos is Thursday, May 6 so that the digital assemblies class has enough time to get everything compiled.

Parents can help and encourage their kids to participate in the show by taking video of their kids' talents and send videos to the advocacy teacher.

If enough videos are submitted, the show will be on the last day of school. Carla Brummett, who teaches the digital assemblies class, said she is hoping to have enough videos because, as of the end of April, she had received only one entry.

If you have a talent you’ve been wanting to share then you should do it, Mrs. Brumett said, adding that she and the school would really appreciate it.

NJHS works to bring fun to young cancer patients

With donations from Wells students and staff in April, Wells' National Junior Honor Society chapter assembled “Cancer center goodie bags” for local children hospitalized for cancer treatment.

To help fill the goodie bags, NJHS collected candy, and filled a wish list of small store-bought toys, gift cards, Lego sets and light-up toys.

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There is a limited supply of school yearbooks left, so get your yearbook this week. Yearbook staffers will be at a table in the Dome during lunch periods May 5 and 6 to take orders for anyone with a $30 check.

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Summer school scheduled for four weeks in June

by Jeremy Glazier

For middle school students needing summer school to pass either an English or math class, Wells Principal Mark McVay has provided the basic information:

Q: When will summer school start?

Mr. McVay: Summer school will start June 7.

Q: Will it be a normal schedule?

Mr. McVay: The days will be Monday through Thursday, half-day mornings.

Q: How long will we students be attending summer school?

It will be only four weeks.

Q: For the students who may be in summer school, what subjects will it be based on?

It will be based on math and English classes only. It's by teacher recommendation.

Q: Will it be done virtually or will students be at school?

It will be in person, not virtually, and students will have to have their own transportation.

Annual fun day back for 2021

by Ava Pruett

Fun day: it's the only day of the year no one really has to worry about anything. Fun day this year will be held on the last day of school May 20. There will be many activities to participate in.

Wells students will only have a couple of classes that they will have to go to. Those are first and fifth hours. Students also will have to go to their advocacy classes for the last two hours of the day for the digital awards ceremony and the talent show.

For fun day, students will be separated into groups with their advocacy classes, with three groups of seven advocacy classes in each. There will be an hour of activities outside, including soccer, basketball, and Cherokee stick ball. Then there will be two hours of inside activities with exciting things like a bounce house.

There will also be concessions, sponsored by National Junior Honor Society, so students will need to bring their own money for that.

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Indians win conference championship

by Gunner Wilson

Catoosa’s middle school track team beat 15 teams to win its conference by only four points. The conference track meet took place April 24 at Vinita High School. This was the first time Catoosa’s track team had won its conference since 2011.

”The middle school team has trained hard all year for this victory," said track coach David Heath. "So when you get a chance, make sure to congratulate them. Catoosa athletes gave it their all.”

The Catoosa athletes won the 4x100-meter relay, 4x200-meter relay, 200-meter dash, 110-meter hurdles, 300-meter hurdles, shot-put, and discus. The students who won the 4x100 were Jeremy Glazier, Jaden Anderson, Allen Thompson, Landon Hill. These athletes also won the 4x200.

The 200-meter dash winner was Allen Thompson, who went undefeated all year in the 200-meter dash. Michael Blendowski won the 110- and 300- meter hurdles. Julian Caylor won discus throwing with a score of 107 feet, 4 inches. Gunner Wilson won shot-put throwing with a score of 46 feet, 6 inches to cap his undefeated year in shot-put.

Survey shows Wells students' plans for summer

The kids of Catoosa are counting down the days until school ends and summer begins so they can start to enjoy their favorite summer activities. A survey of Wells sixth, seventh and eighth graders asked what their favorite summer activities are to do during the break. Swimming, not surprisingly, earned the most popular vote.

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