Saving Mr. Terupt

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In the book Saving Mr. Terupt, the class struggles to save Mr. Terupt's job. Ever since Luke was elected as class president, he has been learning more and more about the school's budget. The school needs to raise their budget and fast. If they didn't, they were going to have to make cuts. Since this happened last year, the students knew how it worked. They knew that Mr. Terupt would be the first to go. His old students, Peter, Jeffrey, Alexia, Anna, Danielle, Luke, and Jessica, can't imagine a life without Mr. Terupt, and they are ready to do everything they can to save him.

How did they try to save him?

They students in the book Saving Mr. Terupt knew they needed to raise money for the budget. They started of with Luke's amazing idea of The Everything Fair. In this fair, people are free to share any of their talents. It was going to be a fund-raiser for seventh-grade. They would charge everyone three dollars to participate and one dollar for admission. After they knew for sure that Mr. Terupt's job was on the line, they decided to tell everybody that the fair was all because of him. They needed to let everyone know how great and inspirational he is.

When the students plan failed, they tried even harder to raise more money. They didn't collect enough money from the Everything Fair. Their next option was a bake sale. From Danielle's observations, she knew boys loved eating. That's why they decided to have the bake sale at a wrestling match. Danielle, her grandma, Miss Catalina, and Vincent got started baking right away. When they were all done, they had tables and tables full of food. They were almost positive they would raise enough money.

Their next step in this battle was going to be presenting the money to the school board during the school budget meeting. After a long and painful wait, it was finally their turn to speak. They stepped up to the front of the room and gave their presentation. Even with their flawless speech, the budget still didn't pass. As April approached, they knew Mr. Terupt was in trouble. Their last change to save him was the votes for the approval of the budget cuts. They needed to get everyone in the community on their side. They put posters and flyers everywhere.


It was almost time for the results. They all gathered around the T.V. at Peter's house. Did they succeed? Did they save Mr. Terupt?

Their Signs and Posters

Here is what I predict their signs and posters looked like.

Did they succeed?

Read the book to find out!

Other Important Events in the Story

1.) Danielle got diagnosed with diabetes. Now she had to carry around an ugly kit that she was worried she would get bullied for.

2.) Alexia's mom was diagnosed with breast cancer. This makes Alexia worried for her all the time. Would she recover quickly and easily?

3.) Jessica started talking to her dad who moved away when he got divorced with her mom. They've been sending meaningful letters back and forth.

4.) Jeffery finally beat his rival in wrestling. His hard work had really payed off.

5.) Mr. Terupt and his new wife finally had a baby girl named Hope after all the struggles they had with her.

Other Information

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The Author

The author of the Because of Mr. Terupt series is named Rob Buyea. This is a picture of the author. (below)

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