Fall Fun Learning and Activities

From learning to having fun, this fall is full of excitment!

November Weekly Newsletter

November is here and we have many things in store for our little ones. Nonetheless, they've began to count, are learning what it means to be caring and compassionate of others, and are in anticipation of this year's fall festival. Therefore, this newsletter contains the assignments and activities that we are currently doing and the ones that are yet to come; please feel free to navigate. Thank you.

Numbers Fall into Math!

November is here and not only are leaves falling, but numbers are too; numbers fall into math! Nonetheless, the numbers that we are learning this week are 0-3. Thus, we are learning their values and where they fall within a number line; the children are having so much fun learning the numbers 0-3 and are falling right into math!

Counting Fall Leaves at Home!

From counting marbles into a jar in the classroom to counting leaves into a zip-lock bag at home, math has never been funner! Thus, to further their knowledge, the children are to explore their environment and count leaves into their zip-lock bags. The children are to gather the total of 3 leaves and bring them to class on Friday, November 7th, for their Math Fall Fun assignment.

Fall into...Sharing is Caring!

Because Thanksgiving is right around the corner and we strive in making sure our children understand the dynamics of being caring and compassionate individuals, our highlight of this week is " Fall into...Sharing is Caring!" Therefore, children are learning the qualities of being caring and compassionate towards the least fortunate. With this being said, we are asking the children to bring a can of food to our Thanksgiving Dinner Food Drive no later then Friday, November 21st. Thank you for your support.

November 2014 Fall Festival!

And yet November has come again; the weather is cooling off and the leaves are falling! Hence, what a great time for our Fall Festival. Thus, our Fall Festival will be held on Saturday, November 15th from 9 am- 1 pm; the entrance is free. We will have food trucks, games, face paintings, and a pumpkin patch (all activities require tickets that may be purchased at the entrance of the school building). For more information, please contact our school at (281) 555-1342. Thank you and we look forward to seeing you at our November 2014 Fall Festival.