Jackie Robinson



Do you know who Jackie Robinson is? Well Jackie Robinson was a great baseball player,but some people thought different because he was black.These paragraphs are going to talk about skill,awards,and racism.


For instance my first paragraph is about his skill.Did you know Jackie Robinson's average was a total of .311 in his career? Some people say that the most important thing about him was his speed/skills. He was so fast that sometimes when he got on base,he would steal the bases until he got to home plate.Although some of the coaches tryed to recrute him because of his speed,like he was that fast.


Now on the other hand Jackie Robinson earned 4 awards,the presidential medal of freedom,congressional gold medal,major league baseball all-century team,the national most valuable player award,and he was elected in the national baseball hall of fame which happened in


Now however, my last paragraph is about racism.Back then black men weren't allowed in the major leagues.Because of this it was a hard time for Jackie Robinson to play baseball.In 1951,three of the four most-often-hit national league players were black.Jackie Robinson was hit-by pitches a total of 72 times during his career.After a while he earned his respect from all of the white people that was rude to him including all of the white coaches.


In conclusion Jackie Robinson was a great baseball player.He was known for his speed, agility,and skill.Now even today we wear 42 in the major leagues for his remembrance for how wood he was.