My Personality

Keaton Worley

Strengths And Weaknesses


Reliable, Tolerant, Charismatic, Altruist, Natural Born Leader


Too selfless, Too Sensitive, Over Idealistic


The test overal was incredibly accurate and very funny to read things about myself I hadn't completely thought about yet. However most of it was accurate there were a couple that weren't, for instance I don't think that i'm oversensitive, yes I care very deeply about people but sometimes i'm pretty blunt about things.

Friendships and Relationships

With my friends it was fantastically accurate, I read things that made me the that someone close to me had written them. I am always making sure everyone is having a great time and even if it isn't my party I make sure everyone is happy, and thats what make me happy. Every time I have a conversation with a group I try and pick a topic to where everyone can participate and enjoy, without feeling lonely or left out.