Fall 2016

in the HH Library

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Electronic Reading with Overdrive

Electronic reading ... it's an added literacy our students need! This is a free app (or web link) across just about every mobile device with access to FREE electronic print or audiobooks. Parents you can get your own account and have access to middle and high school books as well. Fill out your info here.

Coming Up


Oct. 17- Oct. 21

Visit the link to see previews of some of the books (hard copy flyers will go home on the 11th) and sign up to help volunteer! We use funds raised at the bookfair to supplement the book collection, provide materials for special activities like the 3D printer or "#makermornings," and replace much loved furniture,

Literary Pumpkin Patch

Oct. 24 - Oct. 28 (Ms. Oliverson will be off campus at a library meeting on Monday Oct. 24 but you can still drop off your pumpkins that morning with another adult.) If you're new to our campus this has become a yearly tradition!

4th and 5th Grade Author Visit

Nov. 14 David Liss, author of Randoms and Rebels

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Please help your students

keep track of their library books. When they are not actively reading the titles they should either be in their backpack or in their bookbox at school. "At home on the table" can turn into a long dry spell of no one else being able to read that book at home and that student not being able to try anything new. Thanks for your help!

PreK-2 have fairly regular days they visit with their classes every week, and 3-5 every other week. Then of course they can almost always come on a pass.

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