Hardware connection types



Video graphics array- Analogue 15 pin connector that as standard runs in 640x480 resolution, today you would be more likely to use a Hdmi cable. Used for most PC screens.

Line IN

Line IN- A type of connector that can be digital or analogue, a digital one is called an Optical line in. Used to plug in audio devices such as microphones.

Line OUT

Line OUT- Again, digital or analogue, used for audio speakers like headphones.


Firewire is a serial bus interface used for real time data transfer between devices. It can be used to connect your camera to your computer and to stream video. First developed by Apple in the 80's and 90's.


USB- Universal Serial Bus- Used to connect external devices with your computer such as headphones, mouse, keyboard, speakers and camera's etc. First introduced in 1996 has since been updated 3 times, currently stands at USB 3.0.


Hdmi- High definition multimedia interface- Is a compact audio/video transmitting wire for uncompacted raw data. Produced in 2003 it has 19 pins and is the common alternative for VGA and RGB connectors.