The Dominican Republic

By Colby Cook

My Family Vacation

Its 3:00 AM and Im at the airport about to go on my first ever plane ride. At 5:00 am we take off and head out to meet up with my cousins in Atlanta, where we all board another plane to head to the Dominican. The plane ride was fun and exciting, I will fly again.


After a couple of days swimming in the pool and ocean, we headed to a boat called a catamaran to go snorkeling on a coral reef. While we sailed out into the ocean, we got to eat fresh lobster and fish they cooked on the boat. Once we were at the coral reef we put on our fins and goggles and dove in. It was so exciting to see all the different types of tropical fish.


My dad and I both decided to go parasailing together. I was afraid of heights and afraid to go up. But when we got up there, it was not scary, it was cool. On the way down, me and my dad were talking about how it made us feel like we were navy seals jumping from a plane.


It was now time to leave. Time to head back where we started. This was the best vacation I have ever been on. My whole family heads back to the airport so we can fly to Atlanta again. Then we get on different planes and head to our boring home. I cant wait till the next vacation