Preventing Involuntary Injuries

Preventing Fires and Burns

There are many ways of the prevention of fires and burns. Some ways are smoke detectors, fire extinguishers, and proper evacuation during house fires. If in a house fire get on your hands and knees and leave the building immediately; then go to a neighbors or use a cell phone to call the fire department immediately.

Preventing poisoning

Poisons always pose a threat. Some ways to reduce these threats are;Keep dangerous chemicals labeled. keep locked up and out of reach of children.

Preventing Suffocation and drowning

some ways to prevent suffocation and drowning are wearing life jackets. you can also take swimming lessons. Don't put plastic bags over your head and pillows.

What to do during tornados

In case of a tornado get below ground level. so examples are a basement or ditch. if you cant get below ground level get in a bath tub and put a mattress over you.


During a flood get to high ground. you can get on a roof and wave down rescuers with bright colors. if you can't get on a roof climb a tree.


Earth quakes are very powerful and un predictable. If your in an earthquake stay away from buildings. In a building already get in a door way and if not possible under something such as a desk.
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