KiD CuDi

Scott Ramon Seguro Mescudi

Young Years

Scott Mescudi was born and raise in Cleveland, Ohio which where a lot of inspiration for his music comes from. He grew up in Shaker Heights which is not the safest place of town. His father died when Scott was only 11, this had a huge impact on him. It heavily influenced his music and he became not the most Grade A student. He was expelled from high school because he threatened to punch his principle in the face and later earned his GED. Scott would later attend the University of Toledo and dropped out after a year and was convinced he wanted to join the Navy, yet he was denied due to his juvenile police record.

On the Way

Kid Cudi began rapping after high school and was inspired by artist such as "The Pharcyde" and "A Tribe Called Quest". He moved to the Bronx with his uncle who he never met to pursue his rapping career. He did this because he knew the opportunity he had. He started working at BAPE and he met future mentor Kanye West.


After living wih his uncle for quite some time, he icked him out. He had beef with his unlce and was very bitter. This was where Cudi's first song came from; "Day n' Nite"

This was his first big hit. This arguably made Kid Cudi.

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The Prayer Kid Cudi (Clean w/ Lyrics on Screen)
Kid Cudi - Day 'N' Nite