Articles of Confederation

By Olivia Garza

Why were they so weak?

The Articles of Confederation were so weak because they lacked power to enforce the laws, and they weren't able to levy the taxes. Also, In order to make a change in the Articles of Confederation, they required all 13 states to vote. They were also in debt, they had no money.

How were they strong?

The Articles of Confederation were strong because during the Revolutionary War, they governed the nation. Another one of their strengths was that they helped negotiate the Treaty of Paris of 1783. And also the Land Ordinance of 1785, which helped set aside land to build public schools for the children.

What is the North West Ordinance?

The North West Ordinance was important because it was an act of Confederation Congress, which soon created the Northwest Territory. A positive effect form the Northwest Ordinance is the it was the first organized territory for the United States. But some negative effects The Northwest Ordinance had was that it caused violent confrontations with the Indians in the territory,The weaknesses of the Articles of Confederation, and also the cause of westward expansion of American settlers.

What is Shay's Rebellion?

Shay's Rebellion was lead by a militia officer, Daniel Shay. Shay and his followers protested the foreclosures of farms for debt and wanted to shut down the court system. Shay's Rebellion caused congress to have a money shortage, Caused farmers to not pay their debts or taxes, which also cause farmers to be thrown in jail. The effects of Shay's Rebellion was the many Americans began to realize that the government was very weak. Another effect was that the rebellion made congress call a convention, and people , like Madison, Saw a need for a better and stronger government. Some positive effects were that the rebellion caused was that it lead the the creating of the U.S Constitution. It also showed how weak the government was. Some negative effects were that when the soldiers returned form war they fond their land was neglected, and it also caused farmers to go deeper, and deeper in debts.