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May 2015 Recognition

Summer Is Here!

... And so is the HEAT! We're on FIRE! But don't relax too much as you sit in the shade, and enjoy your children! Watch out for the summer lull and remember that a) We've got a MOUNTAIN RETREAT TO EARN (and I just can not stress how much you will regret not earning this VERY EARNABLE trip) and b) We're setting ourselves up NOW for what will happen (or what will NOT happen) in the 4th quarter! So keep your eyes on the prize and PLEASE always feel free to reach out to me because I'm ready to make a plan with you and I'm looking for people to RUN with me! Let's do this!

Shauna Bambino & Molly Lovell are halfway Region!

And this is what "work" looks like for these Mommies who have set themselves FREE! :)
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Area Managers In Qualification

Amy Moyer

Angie Serawop

Andrea Killebrew

Kristie Smith

District Managers in Qualification

Emily Shellhammer

Ashley Fielding

Nicole Gibson

Olivia Esparza

Shannon Jimenez

Jessica Oneill

Krista Clark

Moriah Provost

Delynn Mitchell

Loree Skiles

Melissa Beal

Mollie Pitrone

Micah Owen

Adrianna Hayes

Antonia Hart

Pamala Lovell

Renee Brockman

Vickey Gocke

Julie Paradysz

Amy Phillips

Audrey Villanueva

Jennifer Metzger

Kasey Defranco


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RVP Bonus

Wendy Cunningham

AM Bonus

Wendy Cunningham

Shauna Bambino

Molly Lovell

DM Bonus

Wendy Cunningham

Amanda Berrien

Angie Serawop

Shauna Bambino

Jenny Hatch

Tanya Clark

Trifecta Bonus

Wendy Cunningham

Top Sales & Sponsoring

Top Region Sales

Wendy Cunningham

Top Region Sponsoring

Wendy Cunningham

Top Area Sales

Wendy Cunningham

Molly Lovell

Top Area Sponsoring

Wendy Cunningham

Molly Lovell

Top District Sales

Wendy Cunningham

Amanda Berrien

Top District Sponsoring

Wendy Cunningham

Amanda Berrien

Top Personal Sponsoring

Amanda Berrien

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Monthly Meetings

Genoa Consultant Only Meeting:

1st Wednesday of every month @ 6:30 pm

Wendy Cunningham's house

Roseville OpportuniTEA (guest event):

1st Monday of every month @ 7 pm

Shauna Bambino's house

Tahoe OpportuniTEA (guest event):

3rd Wednesday of every month @ 6:30 pm

Check with your Area Manager to determine rotating address