This is a poster about rocks, rock cycles and rock types

Mind Map

This is a Mind map about the 3 types of rocks there is, how they look like, how they're made and facts about them

Rock Cycle

This is a rock cycle. There are all the rock types there + magma and sediment. These are all the things that go in a rock cycle. The arrows show what changes into what, and in black you can see how it changes.

What can happen to a rock over millions of years...

A rock over millions of years, a rock can change from one rock type, to another rock type, and to another rock type. This is a cycle that never stops. Just like water evaporating and becoming gas then solid then liquid again, its the same for rocks. They can heat up and become magma, the turn into Igneous rocks, the turn to sediment a and then to a sedimentary rock, to a metamorphic rock and so on and so on; forever. This cycle may also be mixed up just like you can see in the Rock Cycle above. There are maximum 10 ways a rock can change from something, to something else. So rocs have an infinite life (rock) cycle.

Fun Facts about rocks and minerals!

  • Did you know that the diamond is the hardest natural substance found on earth?
  • Did you know that quartz is one of the most common minerals on Earth?
  • Did you know that marble forms from metamorphosed carbonate rock, most usually limestone?
  • Did you know that basalt is the most common rock on Earth?
  • Did you know that breccia is a rock composed of generally large, sharp fragments cemented together?
  • Did you know feldspars make up more than 50% of the Earth's crust?
  • Did you know the first recorded use of turqouise dates back to 5000 BC in Mesopotamia, where people used the gemstone to make beads?
  • Did you know lapis lazul is treasured for its rich blue color and is often used in jewelry? Did you also know that ancient Eqyptians used powdered lapis lazul as eye shadow?
  • Did you know jade because of it's toughness has been used for many cultural things like hammers, fish hooks, and stone axes.
  • Did you know that rubies are one of the most popular gemstones today.