Starcraft start

Well if you are interested in games with units your in luck. My name is Cole and I will teach you it as best as my face and fingers to speak or talk it so what is Starcraft and how do you play it well here it is... Try to keep up and all say something like this in the end.

What type of game is Starcraft?

Starcraft is a full blast strategy game were the races not like a race like kind of thing you are.
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Origin of Starcraft

Starcraft is a galactic struggle for dominance against three races and one God like guys the first is the Protoss is a cool race that they talk with their thoughts.

The Zerg are instord aliens how feed off of living ground called creep which is made from a hatchery,a Zerg base or from a big flying fat thing called a overlord,which can poop creep to live on.

The Terran are future humans with high tech and have a love to smoke and put prisoners in amours.

And xel,naga a race that created Zerg and Protoss

How to play

First you need some workers... The Terran workers are SCV, The Zerg workers are drones, the Protoss workers are probes just seen below, what these guys do are gather resources which are, minerals, and vespen gas. And also if you think they gather resources then you're wrong because..... They...... BUILD!!!!!!!! Now lets move on to a base... The Terran base is a command center, The Zerg base is a hatchery, and finally the Protoss is a nexus.

How to play pt2

Now here we have buildings so the supply ( the thing that makes you make guys if you have the same amount of supply then you can't make anyone)
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The Terran army

The Terran army contains marine,muarder,reaper,ghost,helloin,widow mine,siege tank,Thor,Viking,medavic,Raven,wraith,banshee,battle cruiser.
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The Zerg army

The Zerg army contains zergling,roach,banelings,hytdliskes,infesters,swarm hosts,vipers,muatlikes,brood lords,queens,larva,corappter,ultralusks.
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The Protoss army

The Protoss army contains zealot,stalker,sentry,high templer, dark templer,aserber,imotll,cousiissss,scout,oracle,carrier,mothership.

Good characters

Zeratul the leader of dark templer,Jim raynor leader of raynor Raiders, great commder,good man, kerrgain leader of the swarm.

The end

This is the Starcraft s'more hope you in joyed it and I will see you next time!!!

Imopant FACT!!!

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