By: Riley Chou

Without friends no one would choose to live, though he had all other goods.

Explain and Relate

Aristotle is trying to say that even though humans have a lot of good things in their life, no one would want to live if they didn't have friends. Without friends, one would still have the amazing qualities of life, but they still wouldn't want to live without them. This is something that Aristotle would say because he believed that happiness is the goal in life. If happiness is the goal in life and if friends bring happiness, then a person would need friends to live a full and happy life. Aristotle also believed that humans exist to pursue their own personal happiness. Having friends can contribute to reaching that goal.

Ancient Greece

This quotation connects to Ancient Greek through religion. Some Greek citizens believed that gods and goddesses controlled the people, whereas some Greek citizens believed that man himself controls what happens in the world. Aristotle was obviously one of the people that believed that man controls himself. Some people would argue with Aristotle and say that humans don't get to choose whether or not they live and that the gods get to choose. Because the Greeks' different religions, they can agree and disagree with Aristotle and how he thinks that people wouldn't want to live if it wasn't for friends.


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