Susmita Christine Leonido


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Susmita Christine Leonido

  • Born on December 3, 1996
  • In Manila, Philippines
  • She was the youngest of two children born to Elena Leonido and Alfonso Leonido
  • She went Center of Excellence Elementary School and she became scholar during her elementary and top 1 in class during 3rd grade any 6th grade.
  • July, 2012 she migrated in United States.
  • Continue her high school in Bayside High School

Facts about Susmita Christine Leonido

  • Have 1 dog
  • She wants to be Veterinarian or Psychologist someday.
  • Her favorite childhood movie is Toy Story
  • Like to watch basketball
  • Her favorite food is spaghetti
  • Favorite season is spring
  • Her childhood celebrity crush is Jesse McCartney
  • Favorite subject is Spanish
  • She likes hiking