Battlefield CASIIT

Applied Sciences, Interactive and Information Technology

January 2019


CASIIT Information Sessions

The CASIIT Program is hosting a Parent/Student Course Selections “Touch Base” on Wednesday 30-January-2019 from 6:00–6:30pm and 7:30–8:00pm for our current 10th and 11th grade IT Program/CASIIT Program Information Technology and Computer Science course selections.

The 6:30–7:30pm time frame has been reserved for freshman parent/student course selections.

Please use Door #19 and meet in Room 1164.

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THANK YOU to all that hosted a display, worked with our guests and attended the event. I am still smiling from all the positive looks on faces. In sharing one email from a community member:

"Talking with the young man at the Battlefield exhibit was an experience in and of itself. His knowledge of what he was explaining was top notch. But what I really enjoyed was that he had a passion that showed he truly enjoyed what he was doing."


ILITE’s Cybersecurity teams recently competed in the State round of the CyberPatriot competition.

Team 1370 finished 3rd place in the state, 31st in the world (3,205 teams) and 22nd in CISCO (3,954 teams). Congratulations to James Wyrick, Ryan Patterson, Harry Davidson, Patrick Zugel, Eugene Choo.

Team 1357 finished 9th place in the state and 97th in the world. Congratulations to Brandon Morrell, Nathan Chong, Stephen Welch, Samer Odeh, and Nicholas Jacobs.

Teams 1370 and 1357 are advancing to Semi-National Finals competition in February. All teams had a successful season!

FRC Robotics Kick Off Event

FRC Robotics hosted the Northern Virginia "Kick Off" for the 2019 Competition Season.

The FIRST spirit encourages doing high-quality, well-informed work in a manner that leaves everyone feeling valued. Gracious Professionalism seems to be a good descriptor for part of the ethos of FIRST. It is part of what makes FIRST different and wonderful.

This year's game: In DESTINATION: DEEP SPACE

Presented By The Boeing Company, we join two competing ALLIANCES collecting samples on Planet Primus. Unpredictable terrain and weather patterns make remote ROBOT operation essential to their mission on the planet. With only 2:30 until liftoff, the ALLIANCES must gather as many CARGO pods as possible and prepare their spaceships before the next SANDSTORM arrives.

T-minus 2:30:

A SANDSTORM limits DRIVER visibility so ROBOTS independently follow preprogrammed instructions or are operated by human DRIVERS via video from their stations. ALLIANCES score points by:

  1. Deploying ROBOTS from Habitat (HAB)
  3. Loading CARGO pods into their ROCKETS and CARGO SHIP

T-minus 2:15:

The SANDSTORM clears, and human operators take control of their ROBOTS. ALLIANCES continue to score points by:

  2. Loading more CARGO pods
  3. Returning the ROBOT safely to the ALLIANCE’s HAB

0:00: ROCKET liftoff

The ALLIANCE with the highest score at the end of the MATCH wins.

CLICK HERE for the game animation link

Animation of game

FTC Robotics

Our ILITE FTC Robotics program hosted 4 other teams during the STEAM Expo. This was an exhibition to show off their competitive robots to the community. It also served as an opportunity for most of the teams to practice before heading to the FTC State Championship, which is on Saturday, February 2nd. FTC Team 1885, ILITE The Legacy, qualified for the championship back in December.

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COMPUTER SCIENCE - Upcoming Events

Computer Science students may compete in the following upcoming contests:

  • University of Maryland team the contest is coming up on Saturday, February 23.

ILITE Robotics - Upcoming Events

  • Team Meetings: Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday
  • Leadership Meetings: Tuesday

ILITE Cyber - Upcoming Events

February 1: Training Session

February 2: National Semi Finals for Teams 1357 and 1370

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Image of Francis Adams

Francis Adams

"Technology has always been an interest of mine. I joined the IT program to find a field that suited me well, and I had a lot to choose from. This experience is going to help me pursue a Computer Science Major in college."

Francis has completed (or is enrolled in):

  • Advanced Computer Math
  • AP Computer Science A
  • IT Fundamentals
  • IT Programming
  • Data Structures
  • Projects in Computer Science
  • Database
  • Advanced Database
  • CISCO 1&2
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COMPUTER SCIENCE Snippit of Learning

Students are currently learning how to compress data through Lempel-Ziv-Welch and Huffman endcoding.
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ADVANCED DATABASE Snippet of Learning

Students are using blocks, procedures, functions, cursors, loops, and more to create administrator tools for a set of database tables to be used to manage a school's course offerings as delivered by the instructors in many classes over time.
Image of student's work from Database
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Students in IT Computer Graphics II are continuing to learn how to use Adobe Illustrator by exploring typography and working with text. We recently completed an assignment that required students to create an illustration of an animal, but were limited to only using letters and color. Letters were manipulated and distorted to create the shape of the animal, followed by the addition of value and color; the last step was to add background elements to create details of the animal's habitat.