Are school sport teams important?

Itan-Ola Eniitan

Thesis Statement

Yes, school sport teams are important. They are important because they give students an opportunity to achieve great things in life. Having sport teams make the students perform better in classes, also to have a socially atmosphere in the school, classes or on the field/court/track.
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Competitive Level

The competitive level of high school sports is one of the greatest in the whole United States, especially in Indiana. By raising the competitive level every year, students always want to perform better than they did last season. Students athletes put all their effort on their sports mostly on game days, and the competition is even better when you know what type of school you're facing, even though some schools are underdogs or not. The competition is even better if it's a conference or county opponent.
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Student Involvement

Student involvement in school sports makes the atmosphere energetic, also gives the home team a boost during a game or a meet. Having student involvement in school sponsored sports give us a chance to meet new friends, and create a lively atmosphere. the cheerleaders also give the students a boost. The chants and singing shows the school as a unity through sports.
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Having Fun

The school sports is just for students to have fun, and be able to share a moment with their coach and other teammates. Having fun doing what you love is the purpose of sport teams. The fun of it also raises the competitive level. Having fun makes you not want to quit, and give it all your hardest.
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Recognition of Athletes

The recognition of athletes gives the student athlete extra motivation to perform better every game day, because they know that if they do good and go on to win a state title, they will be recognized by the school. It also drives the motivation of the coaches. Being a recognizable student athlete also makes the students perform better in class, and to know that getting in trouble is not good.
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State Winning Teams

State winning teams provide the school with more popularity across the state. Having a state winning team also brings extra money into the school. Not only does the student athletes get a state medal or a trophy as team, they also get a state championship ring to show their big accomplishment. The trophy also goes in a trophy case.
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Trophies, Trophies, and lots of Trophies

The trophies the school receives from state competition shows how competitive the student athletes are, and are wiling to win something for their school. It also give the school more popularity than they already had before.Winning lots of trophies and games make other team want to put that school on their schedule for the next season.
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Performing Better in Classes

Studies have shown that if a student play sports, they will be better of in the classes, and be able to perform better in their core classes. Sport teams at Avon gives students to perform better in classes. Without good grades, you wouldn't be allowed to play sports. You also get honors for being a great student athlete in the classroom by getting selecting to the all state academic honor.
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Friendship Among Students

Sports in high school makes your friends come watch you play. It gives them an opportunity to see what you can do. With your friends being at your game, you can perform better. Coming on the field after a football game is the best part of the game besides winning, because you get to bond with your friends, and share some laughs.
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College Commitment

One of the benefit of having sports in school is that student athletes have the chance to compete at the color level after 4 years of high school. By doing good at the sport you play, and being ranked in you class or the nation, you could receive an offer from any college that are interested in you. High school sports gives the opportunity to compete at the college level by committing to a college, so you can do what you love to do most.
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long lasting bond

You get to meet new friends when you play a sport. That friendship could last a long time, because of how close you and your friends are. That's one of the benefit of having sport teams. The bond also creates team chemistry on the field. Knowing who you are playing with makes it a lot better and fun. Long lasting bonds in sports can to a long way.


As you can see that there are a lot of reasons to have sports at school. The most important one would be the impact it has on a student athlete education, also the friendship you can have. Having sport teams create a atmosphere in the school. Student athletes love when is game day, and there is a theme for the game. Sport teams have a lot of impact on the school society and also outside of the school compounds.