Grade 6 Extended Newsletter

Week 7, Monday 16th - Friday 20th May

SJI International Elementary Singapore

Virtue of the week - Relaibility

Reliability means that others can depend on you. You keep your commitments and give your everything to every job. You are responsible, you don't forget and you don't need to be reminded. Other people can relax knowing that things are in your reliable hands.

3...2...1... And they're off!

Friendship, Respect, Excellence, Determination, Inspiration, Courage and Equality are the seven values of the Olympics. Many of these values are embedded in our schools virtues and it is for this reason that our children performed like true athletes during their Sports Day earlier this week. Through the sweltering heat and the threatening thunder they lined up for each event with adrenaline pumping through their veins. The cheers and support from the spectators pushed them to their limits as they participated in each event with one thing on their mind - crossing the finishing line!

Throughout the day, there was a true feeling of a community spirit as the crowd and children cheered each other on with excitement and encouragement. What a truly wonderful event to be part of! Smiles, high 5's, pats on the back and words of congratulations highlighted the enjoyment that the children had during this event that will stay with them throughout their schooling days. A massive well done to each and every one of you.

We, as your teachers, are extremely proud of the way you composed yourselves on the day. Excellence at its best!

Language Arts

This week we demonstrated great diligence as we planned our migration story with a dilemma. After weeks immersing ourselves in fiction and non fiction texts surrounding journeys traveled by emigrants we had the opportunity to plan. Through class discussion we identified six main sections - characterization, setting, creating a problem, the journey, arrival in a foreign land and a new hope. We populated our plans with ideas and phases gathered from a host of texts and our very own original ideas. Later we shared each idea with a peer, who critique our success against the criteria laid out.

Finally, we crafted the opening to our individual stories. Remembering to hook our reader in and create an emotional attachment with our main character. Very soon tales of hunger, persecution, war and a desire for adventure filled our writing books. Characters were born with amazing creative flair and our journeys begun.

Next week will reveal more about our young migrants epic journey.


Triangles and Four-sided figures

The children have consolidated their learning on Triangles and Four-sided figures by having an end of topic review. It was heartening to see the children using the strategies introduced to them to solve the problems. Having visual aids like colour-coding and labels really help them in their problem solving process.

End of Year Review

The children have started their revision for the end of year review. The children revised Whole numbers involving BOMDAS and Average and Algebra. Children can also practise the four operations on Whole number at home, especially long multiplication and long division.

A revision package was given out to each child to help in the revision. Children are strongly encouraged to use the revision package, their course books and activity books to help them prepare for the review.

IPC - Moving People

Two amazing guest speakers enriched our learning as we continued to focus on our migration learning. First up was a Skype call to Douglas Rivlin in Washington DC.

Doug is Director of Communication and Press Secretary at U.S. House of Representatives - ‎Office of Rep. Luis V. Gutiérrez. One of his main roles is to direct all communications activities for one of the most influential Washington-based advocacy organizations for immigrants and smart immigration policies.

This was the perfect opportunity to learn more about current thinking and US policy on migration and Doug's personal insight into how we could try to solve the current crisis. Doug spoke about the current race for The White House and how immigration will play a big part in the upcoming debates and people's choice for president. Finally, Doug shared his own Migration story to the USA, which started with his great grandfather going through Ellis Island at the end of the 1880s. It was an amazing learning moment!

Later in the week Wei Leng Tay, an artist and author of 'Convergence' provided a fascinating insight into her own migration story through a variety of wonderful photos.

She took us on two separate Migration tales. Firstly, she spoke about her new home in Hong Kong and how it's migration tale has changed the city so much over the years. Later, she captivated us with her stories from a visit to Karachi, Pakistan. The children quickly made connections to their previous learning about the huge migration caused by India's partition and with the novel we are reading, set in Afghanistan, Pakistan's border. Wei Leng's accounts provided a wonderful personal touch to our learning and helped generate more ideas for our writing.

Next Week - Refugee Bill of Human Rights

Choicez Media Puberty program

Grade 6 Choicez Media Puberty program for boys and girls will be taught on 24th, & 31st May and 7th June. As we shared in the parent briefing on 28th April, the boys and girls will be separated into 2 classes and the boys will be taught the program for boys by Ms Melanie Lyons whilst the girls will be taught the program for girls by Ms Simone Tan. We will make available to you, the soft copy of the workbooks used by the students after the initial session.

Dates for your Diary

Choicez Media Puberty Program (in class for Grade 6 students) - Tuesday May 24th, 31st and June 7th from 8.20 - 9.20 am

Cinema Under the Stars - Friday, May 20th

Grade 6 End of Year Mathematics Test - Thursday, June 9th

Grade 6 Migration Exit Point - Wednesday, June 15th

End of School Year - Friday, June 17th at 12.20pm

Home Learning

All Home Learning Tasks can now be found on the VLE. Please continue to check it regularly.