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Maplebrook Elementary ~ December 2020

Howdy Parents!

I can hardly believe that we are already in the month of December! So many wonderful things have been happening in GT over the past few weeks. One of our highlights was all of the new enrichment activities and resources we received from our Assistant Superintendents!! These resources help to provide all of our gifted and talented students with resources to help ignite their creativity and critical thinking. They provide student-centered inquiry by allowing them to experiment, design, build, tinker, strategize, and explore their interests.

When we return from winter break, we will begin exploring various project options that students will select from for their GT project. More information to come about this once projects have been selected. Our district is going to be doing our GT Expo (project showcasing) in a virtual style this year. Student project information will be prerecorded and the virtual GT expo will take place sometime in April or May. Once the date and details are confirmed, I will send it out but I wanted to give you the details that I have as of now.

Happy Holidays to you and your family!

Mrs. Cannon

STEM Activities


Kids are solving the worlds problems with their STEM skills! "STEM, and specifically mathematics, is foundational to many of the most important and high-paying careers in this country," said Ethan Fieldman, CEO of StudyEdge.

Exploring STEM in the Kitchen

The National Inventors Hall of Fame has put together a collection of fall recipes so that families can come together and explore #STEM concepts in the kitchen. You can download your free cookbook here.

Tinker Lab: Create a Marble Run

STEM CHALLENGE: Using household items to create a DIY marble run!

National Inventors Hall of Fame

STEM activities guide full of resources and activities.

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