9 Elements of Digital Citizenship

By: Richard Lyu

There are nine elements in Digital Citizenship that a Digital Citizen must have, they are...

  1. Digital Access: Being able to use the Internet
  2. Digital Commerce: Being able to buy on the Internet
  3. Digital Communication: Being able to contact others via Internet (e-mail)
  4. Digital Literacy: Having the knowledge to use the Internet properly
  5. Digital Etiquette: Complying to certain formal rules on the Internet
  6. Digital Law: Obeying the Terms of Use and Internet usage
  7. Digital Rights and Responsibilities: Acknowledging the privileges you have on the Internet
  8. Digital Health and Wellness: Not letting the time you spend on the Internet degrade your health
  9. Digital Security: Using passwords and such to protect your identity

What are the nine principles of Digital Citizenship summarized?

The nine elements make up the basic ideals that everyone on the Internet should have and follow.

Why should I as a Digital Citizen follow the 9 elements of Digital Citizenship?

The 9 elements are the "norms" of appropriate behavior on the Internet, they are what keep you safe and are rules and privileges you have and need to follow.