The First Unelected President: Ford


How he became president

  • a vote of Congress in August 1974 made Gerald Rudolph Ford the new President
  • worse off, he was vice-president only because Spiro Agnew disgracefully resigned and Ford was selected as the new vice-pres.
  • Ford pardonFord pardoned Nixon of all crimes he committed as a president; outraged Democrats; Ford claimed he wanted to end Nixon’s personal agony; created huge skepticism of Ford and is presidency
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End of the Vietnam War

  • the North Vietnamese plowed southward in early 1975; no American aid offered; quick defeat for the South Vietnamese
  • American helicopters frantically evacuated and 140,000 South Vietnamese immediately immigrated to the U.S.
  • America's cost in the war was ultimately $118 billion and 56,000 dead
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