6th Grade Life Science

Mrs. Ortega

Course Description

Welcome to 6th grade Life Science! I am looking forward to a fantastic year and hope that students will enjoy the hands on approach and use of digital tools. We will be utilizing the Florida common core standards and a digital curriculum approach as our guideline.

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  • Google Drive Binder: Students will be keeping a Google Drive Binder to use as a Digital Science Journal. The binder should not contain notes or assignments for any other subjects. Students will need to access the Google Drive Binder every day. The Google Drive Binder will be graded on a regular basis.
  • Bell Work: The first 7 to 10 minutes of class are spent on bell work. During the week students will complete activities and laboratories and will maintain digital notes.
  • Class Work: Students will complete all class work using Edmodo and their Digital Science Journal.
  • Homework: Students will be assigned homework EVERY day except Fridays due the following school day. Homework will be assigned using Edmodo or Google Drive. If students do not have access to the Internet at home, they will still be able to complete their homework.

Course Outline

1st 9 Weeks: Orientation & Lab Safety. Nature of Science and The Cell.

2nd 9 Weeks: Cell Structure, Classification of Living things. Intro. Human Body System.

3rd 9 Weeks: Mitosis and Meiosis. DNA and Modern Genetics. Biotechnology.

4th 9 Weeks: Life Over Time. Ecology. Cycling Matter and Energy.

Note 1: FCAT Practice will be provided throughout the year.

Grading Policy

1000 Point System

Test and Quizzes.................... 300---------- 30%

Digital Science Journal............300---------- 30%

Homework ..............................100---------- 10%

Laboratories/Projects............. 300---------- 30%___


Grading Scale:






599 & Below-------------------------F

Science Safety Contract

. Do NOT touch any lab equipment until you are given instructions.

• There will be NO horseplay in the science classroom.

• Wash your hands after each laboratory period. Use the proper sink.

• Never taste, touch, smell, or eat any chemical. Never use the lab equipment as a container for food or drink.

• Follow the specific rules of each lab investigation.

• Make sure that flames are extinguished before leaving a lab station. Never LEAVE a burning flame.

• Smell the contents of a test tube or other container, when directed, by waving your hand over the opening toward your nose.

• Wear your aprons, when directed. Keep them tied behind your back.

• Long hair must always be tied behind your back when using a heat source.

• Wear your goggles unless you are told you do not need them. You are always to wear them when you are heating, hammering, and using chemicals.

• Never point a test tube at yourself or another person, especially when heating. Never heat a closed container and never look directly into a test tube.

• Never use cracked or broken glassware. Give it to the teacher for replacement.

• Follow the directions for proper disposal of wastes. Certain substances CANNOT go down the drain.

• Hot glassware looks the same as cool glassware. Use care when handling hot glassware.

• Wipe up spilled chemicals with a wet cloth or paper towels.

• Do NOT use chemicals from unmarked containers.

• Do NOT perform unauthorized experiments.

• Use all materials in a conservative way. Do not waste chemicals, paper towels, matches, water, or any other laboratory supplies.

• During lab, keep your voices low.

• Report any accidents or spills to the teacher immediately!

• Show me that you are dependable by following these lab rules. Experiments in the science laboratory are fun, but I must be able to trust you and your work.

.Students will participate in external laboratories, gardening.

Nemo - Mr Grumpy Gills & Just Keep Swimming

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