Social Phobia

By- Kailey P

What is Social Phobia?

A type of anxiety problem, that results in self-consciousness and shyness. The person will then feel uncomfortable participating in social situations.

Signs and Symptoms?

  • Afraid of people
  • nervous
  • trembling
  • blushing

How does this affect someone?

  • missed opportunities for friendship
  • not getting the most out of school
  • missing chances to share talents

What are other names or forms?

Other names for Social Phobia are social anxiety and social mutism

How is this diagnosed?

A diagnosis for Social Phobia is through therapists and what sign and symptoms you may have

How is this treated?

  • support from family and friends
  • therapists
  • encourage the person to choose a small goal and to aim for it and help them get to that goal

Fun Fact!?!?

A person can inherit social phobia and social phobia is the third largest mental health problem in the world today