Pierre Pellier

My three greats grandfather


Pierre Pellier was Born in the south of France, in a town called St. Hippolyte in 1822. The Prior year Missouri was added to the Union.

Immigration from France

Pierre Pellier immigrated to California from France in 1849 and worked in the gold mines. Gold had been discovered in California that year.

Pierre's Work in Agriculture

A few years after arriving in California, Pierre and his brother Louis, both of whom arrived in California independent of each other, ventured into agriculture together. However, California being far removed from most of the western world, lacked a large variety of crops. Pierre sailed back to France in 1853, the same year Levi Strauss Co. was founded, and enlisted the help of his third Brother, Jean in collecting 500 pounds of plant cuttings. Pierre brought back types of prunes, grapes, apples and more, many of which had never before been seen in California. Right: Pierre's ranch c. 1880

Pierre's wife and Children

Pierre married Henriette Renaud in 1857 in St. Hippolyte France. They met in France in 1854, and Pierre promised to return and marry her, which he did in 1857. They lived together happily and had five children. Louis Pellier was born in 1858, but died at the age of 16. In 1860 Henriette Pellier was born, and in 1863, the same year as the start of the civil war, Helene Pellier was born. In 1866 Elise Pellier was born, and 1876 Josephine Pellier was born.


Pierre Pellier died in 1894 in San Jose, the same year the element argon was discovered.

Right: Pierre sitting at his ranch c. 1880.