Weston Needs Sidewalks

Weston MUST have sidewalks

For a long time Weston CT has not ha sidewalks. Our 6th grade project challenge committee has found that this is a VERY big problem for kids and parents.

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Where do we need them,

We need sidewalks around the district of Weston Public Schools. We need this because every day students walk to and from school, and markets.

We feel that this is a problem because people can be injured because there is no way to walk around town.

Advantages Of Having Sidewalks

There are many advantages to have sidewalks. These sidewalks can help improve safety around the school system. Did you know that putting in sidewalks would help decrease the number of pedestrian crashes by 40%? Putting in sidewalks will also help our community by creating a healthy and strong community. This will also help the entire world by creating less pollution.