Ancient Mesopotamian Jewelry For Sale

Babaloninen Jewelry

Overly obsessed with jewelry?

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Wishing it was REAL gold?

Follow the instructions below.

  1. Look at the ancient jewelry below
  2. Pick out what you want
  3. Find the price (some prices are higher than others)
  4. Change your money to Shekels
  5. Buy your jewelry
  6. Enjoy your beautiful Ancient Mesopotamian Jewelry!

Beaded Jewelry Set

This usually would cost 300 Shekels now on sale for 100 Shekels

Queen Head Neceless

This peice is a Queen head Neceless, If you wore this it meant that you were loyal to the queen.

Cost 75 Shekels

Jewlery History

The Jewlery trend has been around very long, in the ancient times only the riches had the best jewlery. If you had a hedderss you were know to have lots of money. In Mesopitamia they used a type of money called Shekels. This pecice in particular would cost about 67 Shekels