Professional Development Library


How to search Destiny Quest for Professional Development Books in the PD library (housed at Bradley West) and select your school.

Step 2: Log into your Destiny account. See your librarian if you do not have this information.

Step 3: In the search box type in ‘professional development’.

Step 4: Select the book that you want to check out.

Step 5: Select the ‘hold it’ option.

That’s it! A message will be sent to Sarah Hartman at Bradley West with the request and the book will be placed in your mailbox if you work at West or it will be sent to you within 2 school days if you are at East or Central.

HINT: click on West School the Destiny page comes up and then click the ‘Quest Home’ tab at top, there is a new arrivals list….

NEW TITLES in our PD Library! Including the books in the video below.

Take Time to Model and Educate Yourself

10 Books in 8 Minutes

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