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The book "Please Stop Laughing at Me", is about the real life events of the author Jodee Blanco. It goes threw her life from elementary to senior year in high school and the years of abuse and torment she endured from her fellow peers. Jodee describes hows parents and teachers get it all wrong acting as if they were adults even though the teen and adult mind set are polar opposites. Blanco talks about how even one mean thing can have horrible consequences, but also how the smallest ack of kindness and frendship can be worth so much to someone.

Character Analysis

The main character is a girl named Jodee Blanco. She is kind and very smart, she is very good at writing as well. She is a brunet Caucasian with a sickness that makes one breast not grow.


The conflict was person vs society because Jodee was being bullied by a lot of people. It was resolved be her perseverance and her belief that tomorrow will be better than the day before.


I believe that the theme of the book is that the only one who can fully understand you is you.

Textual Evidence

"I am sorry." I believe this is the most important quote because these three words can save a life.

Book Review

I would give this book 5 stars, it is a great read and you grow to feel for this poor girl and the fact that this book helps to save lives.