The Archives War

Gabby DeCamargo

In The Beginning

Early in the spring of 1842, the actions of Mirabeau Lamar caused the Texans great danger. Leaving the Mexican army furious, they began to seek out their revenge on Texas. Rafael Vasquez led a Mexican army right into Texas! Him and his 700 soldiers began to raid San Antonio, Goliad, Refugio, and Victoria. Though after a while, they all returned to Mexico.

Part Two

What The Texans Thought

This left the Texans extremely worried about another surprise attack. Or even worse, the Mexicans harming president Sam Houston. Sam Houston immediately ordered all the records to be withdrawn from the capital. But get this, Austin was completely against all of it! They thought if the records were to be moved, the capital might move BACK to the city of Houston!

The Archives War

Now led by Angelina Elberly, the citizens fired at officials who were loading up the wagons with the records. This small problem, soon to be named the "Archives War" ended with the records being placed back in the city of Austin.

The Return Of The Mexicans

Soon in September in the same year, the Mexicans returned! Can you believe it? The Texans never even saw it coming. This time the Mexican soldiers were led by General Adrian Woll. The army was twice the size of before. 1,400 soldiers captured the city of San Antonio. The morning invasion was a complete catastrophe! The Texans soon found out and hundreds of the Texas Militia and the Texas Rangers made their way to San Antonio.

The Return Of The Mexicans II

They attacked the Mexican force right out of San Antonio, sending surprises all around. Woll's troops began retreating and taking captives with them. This angered the Texans. Soon will the Mexicans know that Texas will get their revenge. The easy way or the hard way.