Joyceville PS Week Ahead

May 16-20

Cultivating Critical Thinking and Creativity in Responsive Learning Environments

Thanks again for your willingness to think deeply about student learning at our Tuesday staff meeting. Hopefully these rich conversations helped you find a focus for these final weeks of school. One of the main ideas that emerged to me as I listened, was the power of listening to student voice about their interests and needs and giving students more choice.

In lieu of a June face to face meeting, we are going to have time to reflect on our professional learning this year. Please see slide below.

I forwarded an email last week with report card information. They are due to the office June 14th.

Thanks to Keith for giving us a glimpse into Compass for Success. Please set aside June 15th if you would like to learn more about using this tool. I will forward an invite soon.

The Parent Council has been hard at work preparing for Country Fair. They are an incredibly hard working, positive, support group of people. Please consider volunteering for an hour or two. Contact Anglea McCallum via email (

Have a good week,


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Tinetable Change

After considering staff, student and parent input, we will move ahead with our timetable change for next September. There were a few minor concerns (I received 5 parent surveys) that we will discuss at our meeting on the June PA Day.

  • later lunch
  • longer afternoon

I'm going to give teaching and support staff another opportunity to provide input into your preferences for your timetable and supervision. I'll give you a copy of what you already gave me, a blank survey and the new timetable on Monday. Please try to get these to me by Friday morning that so I can start playing with schedules on the PA Day.

Morning Annoucements

Morning announcements will continue to be 10:40. So far the response to this change seems positive. Let us know how it's going!

This Week

Monday, May 16, Day 3

  • Country Fair Planning Meeting 6pm
  • Recognition Assembly 3 pm

Tuesday, May 17, Day 4

  • EQAO prep meeting 8:30 am - Heather, Dawn, Nancy
  • EQAO accommodation meeting 2:35 pm - Heather, Spi, Beth, Pam
  • Grade 4/5 to Sports Day at Queen's
  • Discover Kindergarten 6-7 pm

Wednesday, May 18, Day 5

  • Heather away all day - LLM - Spi will be TIC
  • Big Sky Ranch trip - Norman, Palmer, Pope and Mr. Fleet

Thursday, May 19, Day 1

  • Jump Rope/Hoops for Heart 2:35-3:35

Friday, May 20, Day 2

  • PA Day 8:30-2:30 - Assessment, Conferencing, and Reporting

Upcoming Dates

May 24 Country Fair Planning Meeting 6pm

May 25, 26, 30 - Grade 3 and 6 EQAO

May 27 Grade 3/4 and 7/8 to Gould Lake

May 28 Country Fair - Please consider volunteering

June 8 Regional Track and Field Meet

June 14 District Track and Field Meet

June 14 Report Cards due to office

June 22 Grade 8 Trip

June 24 Grade 4/5 and 6/7 to Montreal

June 28 Grade 8 Grad

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