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This does not suggest content has decreased in importance.

Web Design and Its Impact on a Site's Search Engine Ranking and More

When it comes to web design colorado springs, many business owners assume this is a separate element of an overall marketing plan. However, nothing is further from the truth. While an aesthetically pleasing site does draw people in, the web design plays a much larger role. In fact, it has an impact on branding, site traffic, conversion rates, and more.

Web Design

A study conducted on design elements and content factors came to some surprising conclusions. For example, the study found that design elements played a larger role in whether a consumer trusted or mistrusted a website than the actual content. If a site had a complex or busy layout, a visitor was less likely to trust it and the same was true for any sites that had pop-up ads. Small print turns a visitor off as does a lack of color, and any site that loads slowly isn't trusted by visitors.


This does not suggest content has decreased in importance. Individuals state content is the main reason they trust one website over another. Visitors prefer those sites that are unbiased, informative, clear, and relevant. Viewers tend to enjoy those sites that provide information specific to their age group and those that provide answers to commonly asked questions.

Search Engine Optimization

While web design trends come and go, a company hopes to remain in business for an extended period of time. Thus, business owners should never focus solely on incorporating these trends into their site. However, this does not mean all trends should be ignored. For example, responsive web design is here to stay as more people now turn to mobile devices over traditional computers when they want information.


The website design is not the company's brand, but it does have an impact on the target audience. In fact, a good web design helps to build trust and boost consumer loyalty. Keep this in mind when developing a site and ensure it contains brand elements, such as the logo and tag line, for the best results.

Conversion Rates

A site that is easy to navigate has more conversions than one that makes it difficult to find what a consumer wants and need. A call to action needs to be included on the page and should contain words that draw people in and get them to convert, such as the word "free". Furthermore, color is of importance when it comes to converting a site visitor to a paying customer. Keep all in mind when designing a website.

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