Anger And Emotions

Don't Bottle Your Anger

Have you ever held your anger in and just pushed it out on someone else? Trust me they're are more then 3,000 people a year who push their anger out on someone else. So if you have, try a couple positive ideas down in the body paragraph.

Negative ways to deal with anger/emotions

When your having a bad day and someone says something mean/rude about you don't take it personally and the reason is that maybe something is going on in their family and they just don't like it so they might say some rude things about people. Also never hold your emotions (don't block what your emotions have to say about something) like when you just want to cry about something and you don't do what your body tells you to do. Don't EVER think bad about your self or your life. Some people may not know its been a hard time for you but they just want to make it worse.
After reading this maybe you know more about holding your anger in and pushing it out. Hopefully you know more about How to get help with your anger, Positive ways to deal with anger,and Negative ways to deal with anger. While reading this i hope you found out some cool things about Anger and Emotions.