Spoonbridge and Cherry

Minneapolis, Minnasota

Background History:

This sculpture was commissioned by the Walker Art Center. Clause Oldenburg and his wife Coosje van Bruggen created this wonderful piece of art. It was installed May 9, 1988. It took 3 years to create this sculpture. It was a gift of Frederick R. Weisman in honor of his parents.

Artist Statement:

They did not want to create a sculpture that would not dominate the other sculptures that are located in the garden. They had to choose a subject that was horizontal and also had fountain elements. It has a silver color and edges to suggest to a popular activity ice skating. They wanted the raised bowl of the spoon to suggest a bow of a ship. Water comes out of the cherry to give the sculpture more energy. In the winter they hoped that people would view it as a ice cream sundae because of the snow that covers it. Their challenge was to make that it was equal to the buildings in the landscape.

My Opinion:

I really like this piece of artwork. Its unique from a lot of sculptures. It looks sweet in the winter. I like how high up the cherry is in the air.