St Andrews Women's Week

Informational presentations from women's organizations

Women's Week

Monday, April 7th, 5pm

6 St Marys Pl

During the week of April 7th, the Careers Centre will be hosting a week of virtual presentations and Q&A sessions from organisations and non-profits that are all fighting for women’s rights in a variety of different ways. This isn’t a job fair, but rather a forum for students to learn about various women's issues and to ask questions about working in the nonprofit sector.

Monday at 6:00: HERA: Her Equal Rights and Autonomy

Lynellyn Long will explain how entrepreneurship and businesses can help combat human trafficking. HERA helps create programs for human-trafficking survivors so that they may achieve economic autonomy and self-sufficiency. Lynellyn will explain how business schools, career help, and mentorship programs can be instrumental to the fight to end trafficking.

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Tuesday at 6:00: Nazik Muradova

Nazik Muradova, an MLitt in Middle East, Caucasus and Central Asian Security Studies, will discuss her experiences in Turkmenistan and her studies in human trafficking and genocide issues.

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Wednesday at 5:00: Love 146

Love 146 is an international charity dedicated to ending human trafficking around the world. The International Labor Organization estimates that 20.9 million people are enslaved today. The organizations funds recovery centres and preventions programs globally. Gaz will be presenting on the organization as well as careers in non-profits dedicated to the abolition of human trafficking.

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Wednesday at 6:00: Scottish Women’s Aid

One in five women will be abused in her lifetime. Scottish Women’s Aid is the leading organization in Scotland working towards the prevention of this through campaigning, lobbying, and specialist services for victims and families. Come to the presentation to learn more the combatting of domestic violence, as well as career opportunities in this field.

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Thursday at 5:00: Hope for Justice

Hope for Justice is an NGO dedicated to ending human trafficking by discovering victims, removing them from their exploiters, helping with their rehabilitation, and holding their perpetrators accountable. Come learn about a hands-on approach to fighting human trafficking and how you too might find a career in the field.

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Friday at 5:00: National Girls Collaborative Project

The National Girls Collaborative Project is an organization in the US that is committed to helping girls pursue careers in science, technology, engineering and mathematics. They have created a variety of programs to work with schools and inspire girls to stick with subjects that have been historically less open to them. Kate will be explaining more about what NGCP does, and what can be done to bring more women into these fields.

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