Marci's Memos

Week 10 16.17


Monday, Oct. 17– Team Leaders

Wednesday, Oct. 19 – Staff Meeting

Friday, Oct. 14 – Chew and Chat @ 8:00

New Information:

  • Popcorn Day: Wednesday, Oct. 19th fifth and sixth grade.
  • Report Card Comments: Just want to shout out to all of you how much I appreciate the thought and effort put into these. I have gotten some positive feedback!!
  • PTO Meeting: There is a PTO meeting on Tuesday from 6:00-7:00. We would love to have you join and be a part of our Parent Teacher Organization!!
  • SLOs: If you are doing an SLO and would like some guidance, I will be more than happy to schedule a time with you to meet and work through it with you. I have done so with Marla during her special this week and it seemed to go well. Just let me know and we can schedule a time.
  • Observations: We are starting long observations and will be doing those full force for the next three weeks. These are longs for teachers who still have 5 observations or for teachers who have not chosen to do a PD or SLO project. We will also be scheduling all pre-conferences in order to capture data for domains 1 and 3.
  • Class Parties: We are quickly approaching the fall parties. These will be taking place from 2:30-3:00 on Oct. 28th. We will run on an alternative specials schedule which I will be sharing with you.
  • Fall Festival: This is a new event and will be happening on Oct. 28th from 5:30-7:30. We will be having the book fair, basket raffle, as well as trunk or treating for the kids. If you would like to be involved or would like more information, we will be talking about it at the PTO meeting on Tuesday.
  • Needy Families: We are going to need names of students who you think might have a need for the holiday season. Please discuss this at grade level meetings next week and turn a list in to Erin Miller. These need to be to her by Friday, Oct. 21.
  • Student Consequences: Students should not be writing sentences as a consequence. Having a student reflect in writing on their behavior is way more appropriate and more in line with our PBiS initiative.
  • Carry-in: Just a reminder that the staff carry in is scheduled on Oct. 20, which is Thursday of next week. The sign-up sheet is in the lounge.


We had almost half of our students with perfect attendance. This is a record!!!


Provide lots of attention before problem behavior occurs. When you suspect that a child violates expectations in an effort to gain attention, offer that attention before problem behavior occurs. We all need attention and attention seeking itself is not abnormal. Some children do not get enough attention and because they are not outstanding (in a positive manner); they learn very quickly that they can be outstanding in a negative manner. For these children it is often appropriate and necessary to provide non-contingent attention—attention that does not depend on them doing anything.