Our Indus Valley Civilization

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Anthropologist: Rachel McCoy 8th period

The people of the Indus Valley civilization had a bit of money. They had gold and even precious stones. They had private bathrooms and woman would wear lipstick! They got around on camels , oxen , and elephants .One religious thing they do is have small statudes that are to represent female gods. The people of Indus Valley were pretty advanced . They had acess to cattle , pigs , camels , dogs , cats , domestics fowl , and elephants. Thats really good because some people would not have access to animals then would be forced to move due to the lack of resources that animals would provide.

Some of their main foods were wheat , rice , melon , greens , and cotton . The religion that they did was hinduism (vedas). They would write on gold ordaments , bangles , ovry objects , and even BONES! People in the Indus Valley civilization spoke multiple languages. Some of these were dravidian , austroasiatic , indo-aryan , sino-tibetan. To this day historians are still not positive of the language that they spoke.

Historian: Celia Furlow 8th period

Our Civilization, the Indus Valley began when Aryons settled in India after traveling from Asia. Later on they began to develop some techniques in handicraft, and because of their learned knowledge they began building cities, roadside drainage systems, and homes with multiple stories. After their success in building, handicraft, and architect they began to build new cities increasing their empire and civilization. It is un-known if the Indus Valley had higher ranked groups or leaders, but their civilizations economy critically depended on crops, domestic animals, and husbandry. At about 1700 BCE most of the cities of theirs were left and abandoned. Many people believed their civilization died out because of drought or flooding.

geologist: Theo Brudney 8 th peroid

Our civilization was located south of the Hindu Kush mountains and all the way to north of the Arabian Sea in Asia. You are looking at one of the most successful early civilizations in history, the land Indus claimed was four times bigger than than Britain. Due to the geography of the Indus valley this civilization grew. The river meant there was plenty of water and it attracted animals for food. The civilization traded with other people along the river, transporting things to sell and buy by boat. The Indus valley had a lot of resources to rely on but in my opinion some of the greatest were crops such as wheat, lentils, linseed, and mustard. I think that the Indus Valley definitely had a lot of geographical luck, it rained heavily during the summer and as it was surrounded by mountains it was in a valley so it was a flood plain, flat and wide this meant that it was fertile land good for farming. The mountains made it hard for intruders and protected them. The river was often called the King River because it was so big. The area had lots of copper tin bronze and lead for them to make goods to trade. My civilization is now located Pakistan and the West of India that shows how big Indus valley was.

archeologist;caleb judd 8th period

farmers in indus valley had to give part of there food to the citys granary stored in the fortress so it can be stored in case of a bad harvest they worshiped gods many gods and left us a bunch of different types of gods they did not advance as much as us in electricity but they did know math and science yes they engraved them in stone on walls like the goddess of them all the ruler shiva in charge of good.