The Giver

By: Lois Lowry Project made by: Adoniz Munoz

Book Summary

A boy named Jonas lives in a orderly community where everyone is the same. He then is selected as a receiver of memories. Jonas later discovers thing he never knew, he even learned about the art of release. Jonas built up so much on emotion..He ran away, he took Gabriel with him. they end out living a tough life and ending out somewhere...

Main Character: Jonas

Jonas is a boy that is different from his home. He can see color and see snow, while the others cannot see or feel such things.

More Main Characters


Teacher like questions

1. "why did Jonas become selected out of all the community?"

2. "What was Jonas escape plan?"

3. "The giver had a memory he admired, What was it?"


this novel is interesting, with the amount of suspense it contains